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We specialize in making dreams sound like reality! High Quality industry standard Recording , Mixing, Mastering, & Audio Restoration. Established in 2007 MBE AUDIO has been working hand to hand with artist, labels, and companies for 20 years delivering industry leading sound quality no matter the genre or project size. We use the latest hybrid of Analogue and Digital equipment and processing to achieve impeccable sound. We've worked with both major and independent artist alike, and everyone gets the best we have to offer. 

Michael Crawford is the Chief Mixing & Mastering engineer and CEO of MBE AUDIO. He's very familiar with many facets of the industry seeing success as a 2x RIAA Certified Gold music producer. He's also worked with plenty of heavy hitters as a song writer and recording engineer which has led to placements on VH1, MTV, Universal Records, Roc Nation, and the list goes on. Attention to detail and a true passion for music makes us Love our clients like we Love Audio,Let's get you booked today! 

MBE AUDIO is high definition boutique studio with over 20 years Recording, Mixing & Mastering experience. Utilizing todays cutting edge Daws & Plugins combined with faithful analog hardware and techniques to produce incredible hybrid results.  

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